You are Only as Happy as Your Dog and Your Children

Sophie, a golden labBy Ellen Rose, Resident and mother to Sophie —

Okay, I will admit it, my husband and I came to Kendal at Granville four years ago because of the dog. I knew it was time to give up the house, the boats, the land, the lake and time to drag my husband kicking and screaming to an easier simple life. My husband’s premier argument against a retirement place was, “No one will take the dog!” Looking into the places we were told we “should go,” it was Kendal at Granville that wanted Sophie, the 80-pound yellow Labrador, or any other size or flavor of animal we chose. It was the perfect choice for her and, as it turned out, for us. You are only as happy as your dog and your children.

Sophie can be on leash or off: have an invisible fence, chase deer off our patio or not, or walk with me twice a day on multiple trails. Every day at dawn or dusk, she is outside in the quiet backyard watching for critters. Pooch paradise. Six months a year Sophie is in an elevator in a high rise in Florida, and is thrilled when we return to Kendal at Granville in May. She has many dog pals here and lots of Kendal walkers with treats in their pockets. I will mention that there are cats at Kendal, but Sophie is not especially friends with them. She is now 12 and content to enjoy the rest of her life here in a serene wooded setting.