Carefree Travel

David and Becky Skeen sailingBy Resident Becky Skeen —

Dave and I love to travel, and living at Kendal at Granville has made traveling so much easier! When we moved here seven years ago, we were still spending four months of the year teaching at a small university in Lithuania. Maintaining our house while we were away was beginning to be a chore, especially in the winter months. We would have to ask the neighbors to keep an eye on the house whenever there were ice/snow/sleet storms, or just too much rain.

Kendal provided the perfect answer to our maintenance concerns. When we travel, our cottage is cleaned every two weeks, the sidewalks and driveway are cared for, the leaves are raked, the grass is mowed and we don’t have to bother our neighbors with requests to take care of things for us. The cottage is In perfect condition when we arrive home.

Another wonderful advantage is reimbursement for meals when traveling 14 consecutive days or more. We love seeing that credit on our monthly statement! The ease of having mail held at Kendal or forwarded to another address is also helpful.

Although we are no longer traveling to Lithuania for four months at a time, we do take several month-long trips every year. Recently we have toured Australia and New Zealand, Scotland and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. The comfort in knowing that all is taken care of at home really makes our trips more enjoyable.

And during the months in between trips Dave loves to plan the next adventure, make travel arrangements and read extensively about sights to see. We often look at each other and say, “Thank goodness we made the move when we did; it gives us such freedom both to enjoy being at home at Kendal, and yet travelling as much as possible while we physically are still able to do so.”