On Granville Pond

Granville PondBy Landscaping Staff Members Cindy, Eric & Molli — 

“I consider the pond and surrounding natural areas here at Kendal at Granville a real bonus for the well-being of our staff and residents. Providing enhanced access with our John Deere Gator to these woodland and meadow trails has been richly rewarding for our team to offer a 40-minute ride into nature! Eric and Molli have served as excellent tour guides while engaging fellow co-workers and residents in conversation during their outdoor experience. Positive feedback came in the form of a wonderful note from a resident who did not participate yet in a ride because she was out of town traveling: ‘I know that folks have been enjoying the Gator rides to the woods and have heard residents express gratitude for the opportunity to do so. Thank you for making the impossible, possible! The evidence of healing, calming, even spiritual power of nature continues to grow. We are lucky here at Kendal to have the woods, and best of all, that is accessible because of the Landscaping Department.’”

 — Cindy, Landscaping Manager

“Driving for the trail rides was a great opportunity to meet Kendal’s newest residents and connect with some longtime residents, as well. Usually while working I wouldn’t have the chance to sit and talk with a resident one-on-one for close to an hour, but here I did, and got to hear some interesting stories and learn more about some of those living in our community. In return I got to show off my knowledge, even if it sometimes failed me when pressed to identify a weed. (I mixed up ironweed and asters when asked about the purple flowers, oops!) All in all, it was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to doing the next round in October!”

 Eric, Landscaping

“I always look forward to giving the residents at Kendal Gator rides. Many have never seen the beautiful land it sits on. On our September rides, we saw many monarch butterflies sitting on ironweed as we rode up to the Indian Mound. Many residents got out and climbed the mound. We then drove down the hill to the pond, where we sat on a bench and enjoyed each other’s company.”

 Molli, Landscaping