The Grand Cruise Ship ‘Kendal’

By Resident David Bayley— 

“Being at Kendal at Granville,” a friend remarked, “is like living on a cruise ship without an ocean.” Exactly right.

Ship Kendal has spacious staterooms (cottages, villas, apartments); delectable dining according to one’s own schedule; talented entertainers and lecturers from the nearby shore; a large library of vacation reading; games galore like swimming, exercising, yoga, bocce, and a tricky putting green; a pub for mature mostly dignified topers; uniformed full-service maintenance and cleaning staff; and 24/7 in-house medical care.

An additional advantage is that vacationers can safely assume that the chances of colliding with something, let alone drowning, are fairly remote.

As to the lack of an ocean, adventurous people can safari to nearby Buckeye Lake and mingle with typically avaricious but mostly friendly natives.