Tower Lines: Kendal’s Monthly Newsletter

By Resident Ella Mae Bard — 

Edited by Betty Hullinger, Tower Lines is Kendal at Granville’s monthly resident-written newsletter. The back page of Tower Lines is probably the most widely valued feature of the publication. It’s a  chronological list of activities that helps residents keep track of the schedule of all the things going on at Kendal at Granville that month. A list of meeting times of standing groups is included, too. No doubt this page is often posted on the refrigerators around the campus.

Tower Lines is deposited in residents’ cubbies (internal mail boxes) the first day of the month. In addition to the schedule list, it is a key source of information about upcoming speakers and entertainments at Kendal at Granville. The profile report of new residents, complete with a photo of each, is a terrific introduction to the entire population. New editorial board members are also welcomed with notes in the newsletter. Contributing writers include staff and residents with timely reports and announcements.

Activities schedule