The Carefree Vacation

By Resident Ellen Rose —

One of the best things about Kendal at Granville is the leaving of it. Not permanently, of course, but perhaps for a hiatus of six months in Florida for the winter.

Those of you who have slaved through the winterizing of a home for an extended period will appreciate the ease of walking out the door in warmer climes. Meanwhile, preparations are simple. No anti-freeze down the drains; no shutting off the water; no agonizing over the proper thermostat setting. Kendal takes care of that for me. All I do is clean out the refrigerator and freezer, turn off the ice maker, pack the suitcases, and load the car – and I am out the door, care-free. It’s that easy.

In the spring it is a re-wind. And when I arrive home Kendal has hot water, a spic-and-span, spring-cleaned warm house, and ice waiting for me in the freezer. Bliss.