Things for Which We are Grateful

By Multiple Kendal at Granville Residents —

During the holiday season, residents reflect on “things” about Kendal at Granville which they are THANKFUL for…

Security of knowing that Kendal will take care of me through all stages of care which I may need.

Knowing that Kendal has led the way in freeing patients from restraints, both physical and chemical.

Knowing that Kendal has led the way in accrediting retirement care communities as a way of improving care.

Little things such as running the shopping bus for just two people.

Our drivers taking us to health care appointments.

I no longer have to plan meals, purchase the necessary supplies, prepare the meal, and clean up afterwards.

I enjoy being able to eat with others in a pleasant dining room and having wait staff assist me.

My “A-team, the maintenance staff” who shovel the snow, remove ice, replace light bulbs, hang pictures, fix leaking faucets, change furnace filters, and all sorts of things.

The landscape supervisor sees that my grass is mowed, plants flowers and trees, keeps our grounds in tip top shape, and I don’t have to lift a finger.

The staff who have become family.

Other residents who have become dear friends.

Giving Thanks