Kendal Kitchen Worker Eli Has a Recipe for Success

By Peggy Qualls, Sales and Community Relations Manager —

October is National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month and our final story features one of our youngest employees. Granville High School senior Eli Davis was looking for a summer job and found a spot working as a dishwasher in the kitchen at Kendal at Granville. He’s been here ever since, joking, “I like the money.”

“Eli is driven to be financially successful,” says Executive Chef Robert Olinger. “When Eli and I have casual conversations, they are usually geared around his knowledge of Fortune 500 CEOs. He has vast knowledge of many things that you would not expect a person of his age to possess already. Eli is a very sharp young man!”

Eli and Chef RobertBefore working here, Eli was employed at Day Y Noche doing kitchen prep work, and at Denison University as a busser. In addition to washing dishes, Eli currently serves on the Bistro line twice per week. Eli also prepares both hot and cold dishes. He has done a variety of knife cuts, preparing vegetables and/or fruits. He helps other staff break down their station once he has finished his own.

Eli says he enjoys the nice people, the big kitchen, and his favorite thing about Kendal is “the food, specifically the potato casserole!” On breaks, he loves to walk around the large campus.

Eli was born in Beijing, China, and in 2004 Amy and Gregg Davis adopted him. He has one dog, named Piper, and two sisters. One sister currently is attending Hope College in Michigan. Eli ran track & field for Granville High School (800m, 400m, and 200m). During free time, Eli enjoys typical American teenager activities—watching TV shows, like “Cops,” and movies, such as “American Sniper” and “12 Strong.” He is interested in technology and electronics (anything Apple-related) and airplanes (especially the new AirBus A350).

When asked about future plans, Eli mentions a couple of options. Right now, his favorite subject is history, but after high school Eli says he might like to be able attend The Ohio State University main campus for flight school. He’d love to travel the world eventually, he says, as a flight attendant, if not a pilot. He also wants to join the military and become a military police officer.

“I would say Eli is one of the funniest guys on our team,” says Chef Robert. “He is a sure guarantee to make you laugh and that quality is much appreciated.”

Eli brings levity to our kitchen and that is a recipe for success, no matter what!