Bookends of Kendal Celebrate Birthdays

By Mary Ellen Landschulz, Kendal at Granville Resident —

Almost bookends of Kendal’s age spectrum, Janie Drake and Steve Katz recently enjoyed special birthday milestones with friends and family at Kendal at Granville. These two parties highlight how we enjoy special celebrations within our diverse community.

Janie was born on Sept. 10, 1918, in Newark, Ohio, and celebrated 100 years with residents, friends and many family members in the Amelia Gathering Room at Kendal. Her party was held Sunday, Sept. 8.

Janie’s two sons and her daughter helped welcome the many guests. All attendees feasted on delicious and varied hors d’oeuvres prepared and served by Kendal’s dining staff. Appetizers were complemented with wine, coffee or punch. Of course, the happy birthday chorus and toast were accompanied by the availability of our choice of artistically decorated white, chocolate or carrot cupcakes.

Janie thanked all her guests for allowing her to be their friends and stated she was so appreciative, blessed and thankful for her family, friends and 100 years of life.

Steve Katz, our youngest resident of Kendal at Granville, arrived in this world on Oct.20, 1948, in St. Louis, Missouri. Steve chose to share his 70th milestone celebration with friends here in the Amelia Gathering Room. He and his wife, Connie Barsky, moved from Granville, Ohio, to Kendal in 2014. Steve noted they were very careful to select a celebration time that did not conflict with an Ohio State University Saturday football game, which are almost as important as birthdays to Kendal football fans!

Residents and friends greeted Steve with special birthday handshakes and hugs in lieu of gifts. Another gift the birthday celebrant enjoyed was a resounding rendition of “Happy Birthday,” led by Rich Clark and sung by all present. Connie and Kendal’s dining room and catering manager, Melissa, served Steve’s chosen half white and half chocolate cake filled with Bavarian cream and topped with light icing. Coffee, tea and a delicious punch were also available.

Out of town friends included Weldon Matthews, a ham radio friend, Iris and Al Pyzik and Marsha and Bob Schafer and their grandson Chase. They agreed that Kendal birthday celebrations are indeed special.