Putting the CARE in Continuing CARE Retirement Community

Kendal at Granville's pond in late OctoberBy Tom Gallant, Kendal at Granville Resident —

This personal story gives another definition and illustration of a “Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC),” or in this case, a continuing CARING community.

Almost a year ago, I began my annual uphill trek to the Kendal pond, an idyllic area of water supplied by a combination of springs and watershed runoff and ringed by grassy and wooded areas. Yes, I was advised later that I should not have gone unaccompanied on this adventure, but macho is macho and it wasn’t my first time.

At some point about 100 yards up the path, I must have tripped on a tree root or stumbled on my walking stick. Whatever the case, I came to my senses in a Columbus hospital trauma room with a concussion. But to digress a bit…

When I hadn’t returned to my apartment after a reasonable time, my wife put in motion a phone call to our Kendal Maintenance Department whose men went looking for me in their green John Deere Gator. They found me lying on the path, considerably disoriented, and after determining I had no broken bones loaded me into the Gator and took me to the Kendal Health Center where personnel examined me. They cleaned me up and after deciding I should go to the hospital, they called the Granville Township Fire Department squad. Its 24/7 EMT personnel arrived in about three minutes and, in accordance with Kendal protocol for head injuries, transported my wife, Myra, and me to Grant Hospital in Columbus. After an overnight stay at Grant for observation, a Granville friend took us back home that day.

But wait! The story goes on. After returning home, our Home Care Services Coordinator came to check on me in our apartment and urged me to see my primary care physician for follow-up physical therapy for body strength and gait. I had therapy for several weeks in the highly regarded Kendal Therapy Department.

Thus ends the chain of events, which demonstrates that Kendal not only is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, but also a CARING community: Maintenance staff, Health Center personnel, Fire Department, Grant Hospital professionals, Home Care Services Coordinator, Kendal Therapy Department and my wife. All of these entities are either on-site at Kendal at Granville, or within close proximity. It’s reassuring to my wife and me that such an array of services is available to us if the need arises.

Kendal at Granville's pond in late October