Thanks for Kendal

By Cynthia Hoftiezer, daughter of Residents Jan & Virg Hoftiezer —

I may be one of the best proponents of Kendal and Continuing Care Communities. My parents thoroughly researched and hunted to find Kendal at Granville. While I always supported and saw the wisdom of their decision, I have only recognized more value as time goes by. Most of all, my parents have peace of mind. This, too, is a gift to their children.

I am one of four children, who scattered from where we grew up. My parents have given US peace of mind as well. We do not have to worry about the “what ifs” — what if they are sick, what if they need help, what if they can’t do the yard work, what if their health deteriorates, the list goes on.

Kendal gives my parents independence and an amazing, thoughtful, engaging and stimulating community, plus the safety net IF they ever need rehab services, physical therapy or are unable to care for themselves. I have been impressed with the amazing people who live at Kendal, the caring dedicated staff, the amazing quality of physical rehab, the focus on the residents, the lifestyle with a daily social meal, the support for families with an independent spouse and one in continuing care, space to pursue hobbies, the support for cultural activities, the connection to the town, and more.

On top of that, the grandkids love to swim and eat Sunday brunch when they visit. Frankly, I am ready to move into Kendal — why wouldn’t I?