Garden Spinner Installed for a New Assisted Living Resident

Staff member installing spinner outside Assisted Living resident's window.

By Resident Eileen McNally

Sept. 14, 2020—When Robert (Bob) McNally moved from his cottage on Founders Lane to Assisted Living, his wife, Eileen, and daughter, Michelle, felt it was imperative that he have a Garden Spinner like he had at the cottage. Bob would spend hours watching the spinner, mesmerized by it.

Putting together and placing a new Garden Spinner there—that didn’t seem like a difficult task. Oh, but it was!

The original spinner was no longer available. Searching for a similar one proved more difficult than expected. Once ordered, the package traveled all over the country before arriving at Kendal.

The spinner is heavy and awkward to work with, so Eileen asked Landscape Manager Cindy Dill if she could help assemble it. Cindy felt Erich, one of her staff, would have no issues. See the accompanying photo of Erich pounding the stabilizing the spinner’s feet into the ground.

Bob can now watch his spinner from the window. He does say that that the new one doesn’t spin as nicely as the old one. Oh, but it does!

Kendal’s staff really goes beyond the call of duty to help residents. Residents know and appreciate that!

At the request of a resident's wife (right). staff member Erich (left) installed a Garden Spinner outside the window of a resident who moved to assisted living residence.