The Kendal Idea

Kendal at Granville is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that embraces the life care concept. Our residents come to live here while still very active and engaged and they know that if they ever need more care, they will be taken care of right here in our community by the staff they have grown to know and love. The basic principle of the life care concept is that once a person comes to live here, they are never asked to leave, even if they have outlived their resources. Because we are a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit community, we may accept donations to a Resident’s Assistance Fund that is utilized to subsidize any resident that becomes unable to pay their fees.

Kendal communities seek to enhance the quality of life and support the independence of residents by providing high-quality services and health care and enabling resident-driven lifestyles, so that each resident may continue at his or her full potential.

In every area of its work, Kendal is guided by its published Values and Practices¬†which are, in turn, rooted in basic Quaker values. We are always seeking to provide a way of life which offers a better way for people to grow older. This approach is based upon the belief that retirement and growing older can usher in new opportunities for growth, development and service. The lifestyle in our communities allows residents’ latter years to be independent, productive and stimulating, while providing assurance of health care. Such a community contributes to life enrichment, as residents have the opportunity to explore new experiences and new relationships and to cultivate lifelong concerns and interest.

Kendal at Granville is an affiliate of The Kendal Corporation, which, since opening its first retirement community in 1971, has earned a national reputation for excellence in planning and developing communities and other services for older people. Kendal communities operate in accordance with the principles of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Kendal communities, which are located in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia, serve over 2,000 residents from all walks of life.


Kendal at Granville was initiated by a small group of Granville/Licking County citizens and Denison University alumni who, in January of 1996 met to “discuss their desire to have access to a community in the Granville area which would provide a quality living environment with continuing health care” knowing that there was no such option available in Licking County at that time. The group wished to remain in or close to the Granville area and to maintain connections and relationships with their community, civic associations and Denison.

This local group was familiar with Kendal at Oberlin, a CCRC located in Oberlin, Ohio, and saw it as a model for the Granville community. They contacted The Kendal Corporation, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to create, develop, support and lead a system of communities and services for older persons, in accordance with the principles of the Religious Society of Friends. The Kendal Corporation is also known for prioneering relationships between its CCRCs and institutions of higher learning. Together, the local group and The Kendal Corporation began work to determine the feasibility of a CCRC project in the Granville area and, on January 14, 1999, established a board of directors and incorporated the independent not-for-profit entity called Kendal at Granville.