1) What do the entry and monthly fees cover?

The entry fee for the life care agreement covers:

  • Your residence, with all appliances including washer and dryer
  • Use of all community facilities including pool and fitness center
  • Long Term Care coverage for life

The monthly fee covers:

  • All utilities, except phone and internet, including basic cable TV
  • One meal per day or flexible meal plan
  • Housekeeping every other week and two deep cleanings a year
  • Maintenance (inside and outside)
  • Groundskeeping
  • Property insurance
  • Local transportation
  • All real estate taxes

2) What amenities are offered in the community building?

Library, dining rooms, fitness center, indoor pool, recreational spaces (art studio, woodworking shop, etc;) beauty/barber shop, health clinic and resident lounges/gathering spaces.

3) What are the health requirements for residency?

You must be able to live safely in an independent residence and care for your own needs at the time of admission. In addition, you and your physician will be required to complete health assessment forms.

4) How many residences are there, and what are the plans for future expansion?

After an expansion in 2013, we currently offer 135 independent residences, 19 assisted living suites and 32 private skilled nursing rooms. Our zoning allows up to 225 independent residences and additional community space and long term care capacity. The Kendal at Granville Board of Trustees continues to evaluate the master plan.

5) What is the cost of residency at Kendal at Granville?

The cost of residency depends upon the size of the residence, whether 1 or 2 people will reside here, and which type of agreement you choose. With 17 available floor plans, there is a wide range of entry fees. Please call (888) 607-6660 for details.

6) Is there a refund option?

We offer two types of refundable contracts. One plan gives a refund that declines to zero over a 50 month period. The other plan declines over a 25 month period and stabilizes at 50% of the entry fee.

7) What are the age requirements for admittance to Kendal at Granville?

To be fully covered by the Residence and Care Agreement, at least one resident must be age 65. Kendal at Granville reserves unilateral discretion as to whether to extend the full coverage of the Residence and Care Agreement to a co-resident who is younger than age 65.

8) Is my entry fee safe with Kendal?

We use sophisticated actuarial advice to forecast our future responsibilities to residents, and we set aside reserve funds to meet those needs. Kendal has over 30 years of experience developing and operating retirement communities in six states, and that experience gives us a very informed estimate of the cost of honoring our promises in the Residence and Care Agreement.

9) Is there an additional fee if you need to move to assisted living or skilled nursing?

If you have selected Kendal’s life care agreement, there is no additional charge for assisted living or skilled nursing. The life care contract provides you unlimited assisted living and nursing care for the same monthly fee you paid in your most recently occupied residence.

If, however, you have a long term care insurance policy or select to self-insure, you may choose Kendal’s modified contract. Under this contract you will receive a discount on the entry fee or the monthly fee. If you need assisted living or nursing care, you will pay the per-diem rate for the period of time you selected. Long term care insurance will pay for some or all of the per diem fees depending on your benefit. If you need care beyond the per-diem period, you will resume paying the monthly fee for the residence you last occupied.

10) What programs are offered at the Florence Wellness Center?

Kendal at Granville offers the  Freedom Through Functionality program, which can work in conjunction with skilled therapy, or residents may participate independently in this wellness program. Research studies and participant outcomes demonstrate the following changes through the Freedom Through Functionality program:

– Increased muscle strength
– Enhanced joint flexibility
– Improved body composition
– Improved ability to walk longer distances without tiring
– Reduced occurrence of falls
– Increased cardiovascular endurance
– Improved blood pressure
– Decreased arthritic pain and discomfort

11) What happens in case of an emergency?

Kendal at Granville has trained staff on duty at all times to respond to emergencies. Residences are wired with emergency call systems and fire alarms for your security and peace of mind.