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Social Impact

Kendal at Granville Community Outreach

Kendal at Granville is an integral part of Licking County and the greater Columbus region. Residents and staff contribute their time, talents and resources to a range of organizations that serve the community. They are leaders in their communities of faith, in professional and civic groups, and in art and historical organizations.

The core of Kendal’s culture, which applies to Kendal at Granville, rests on generosity, service and inclusion.

What does it mean to say that Kendal at Granville offers a “community benefit?” A simple definition comes from the senior living trade association, Leading Age: “Community benefit activities are outreach services that demonstrate an organization’s charitable mission.”

Our mission at Kendal at Granville is, “to build community with values that respect and enrich the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of those whom we serve.” One way that Kendal at Granville does this is through reporting of the impact our organization has on those living within the larger Licking County geographic region we serve. The common phrase for this is social accountability; in other words, we hold ourselves accountable for making the world around us a little bit better. Social accountability programs that identify and alleviate unmet needs in the community are good for the community, good for mission, good for business and good for the people served.