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Your donation supports Kendal at Granville for years to come.

Help Kendal at Granville Thrive

The Kendal idea fosters a culture of generosity, encouraging and developing full use of our time, talent, and resources. Philanthropy played a key role in the development of Kendal at Granville from the beginning, and set a tone of generosity—of spirit, of time, of talent, and of financial resources–that carries through today.

Gifts from our residents, board, staff, families and the outside community make possible financial assistance for residents, capital improvements on our campus, internships for students, accumulation of reserves, as well as employee assistance and professional development.

For more information regarding how your support can benefit Kendal and your own financial planning, contact Kendal at Granville’s Finance Director at (740) 321-0418.


Outright Gifts of Cash or Securities

An outright gift in the form of cash or securities permits an immediate federal income tax deduction to you, while greatly assisting Kendal at Granville. Gifts of long-term appreciated securities may offer additional benefits.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts can be bequests or gifts made over a period of time. They are structured to meet your specific financial objectives while also benefiting Kendal at Granville . Planned gifts can offer significant advantages of lifetime income, as well as savings on capital gains and taxes. These options allow donors to transfer cash, real estate, or other assets – while in some cases retain an income from the assets for life.

Memorial or Honored Gifts

You may wish to make a contribution in honor or memory of someone of significance to you. Perhaps you wish to memorialize or thank a friend, neighbor or someone who has served the community as a board or staff member. Download a printable donation form in PDF format.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies and organizations match gifts to charitable institutions made by employees. Some match the gifts of employee spouses and retired employees as well. Contact your personnel office for information about your employer’s matching-gift program. As a not-for-profit organization, Kendal at Granville should be eligible for these programs.

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Gifts By Beneficiary Designation

It’s easy to leave a gift through a beneficiary designation. Simply name Kendal at Granville as a beneficiary, partial beneficiary or contingent beneficiary on any account, such as a:

  • Retirement Account: Leaving a gift to Kendal at Granville through your retirement account (such as an IRA) is one of the most tax-wise gifts you can make. Retirement account assets are rapidly becoming the preferred way for donors to make estate gifts to the charities they care for. Most retirement account plans require your beneficiaries/loved ones to pay income tax when they make withdrawals, just as you pay income tax on withdrawals during your lifetime. You can leave loved ones many other types of  assets they do not pay income tax on. And by leaving a portion of, or all of your retirement plan assets to Kendal at Granville (and perhaps your other favorite charitable causes), 100% of those assets are available for use by the charity because the charity does not pay any income tax.
  • Certificate of Deposit, Bank and Brokerage Accounts and Life Insurance Policy: Consider naming Kendal at Granville as a beneficiary of a certificate of deposit, other bank or brokerage account or a life insurance policy.
  • Donor Advised Fund: If you have a Donor Advised Fund account, you may name Kendal at Granville as a beneficiary of proceeds remaining in the account after your lifetime.

Just Follow These Simple Steps To Complete Your Gift By Beneficiary Designation:

  • Step 1: Request a beneficiary designation form from your retirement plan administrator or bank. This form – not your will – determines how these assets are distributed after your lifetime.
  • Step 2: Write in Kendal at Granville as beneficiary or partial beneficiary using our business address: 2158 Columbus Road, Granville, Ohio 43023.
  • Step 3: If the form requests a social security number, use our tax identification number: 31-1657346. If the form asks for a date of birth, use our date of incorporation: 01/14/1999.
  • Step 4: If you, or your plan administrator, have any questions, please contact our Finance Director Jennifer Bobak at (740) 321-0418.
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Gifts By Will or Trust

Some donors prefer to use their Will or Trust as a means of directing an estate gift to Kendal at Granville. In your Will, you specify how you would like certain assets distributed after your lifetime. You can make specific provisions for loved ones, while also supporting the charitable causes close to your heart.

You simply designate a specific dollar amount, a particular asset or a percentage of your estate for Kendal at Granville.

You can also make Kendal at Granville a contingent beneficiary that receives assets in the event that your primary beneficiary does not survive you. Some donors use this option to ensure that after their family is provided for, a portion of the assets goes to support Kendal at Granville.

If you already have a Will and wish to make changes, your attorney can help you prepare a Codicil, which makes the changes official. Similarly, if you have a revocable living trust, your attorney can prepare an amendment to update your wishes.

How To Say It: Sample Language

Please share this sample language with your attorney or advisor:

“I give [the sum of ______dollars] or [____% of the full/residue of my estate], to Kendal at Granville, a nonprofit organization, organized and existing under the laws of the State of Ohio, with a principal business address of 2158 Columbus Road, Granville, Ohio 43023. Federal tax identification number: 31-1657346.”


Some donors leave a legacy gift to Kendal at Granville without telling us. While of course we will always respect a donor’s desire for anonymity, your gift, if recognized during your lifetime, could inspire others to give to Kendal at Granville.

If you would like your gift to be used for a particular program or priority at Kendal at Granville, please contact us to ensure your wishes can be met.

Would You Like to Learn More About Planned Gifts to Kendal?

For more information regarding giving options and the advantage of planning a special gift, please contact Kendal at Granville’s Finance Director, Jennifer Bobak at 740.321.0418