Resident Stories

Resident Perspectives

Why Choose Kendal at Granville?

From seeking small-town life near a big city to interesting people as neighbors, Kendal residents talk about why they moved here.

Favorite Things at Kendal at Granville

Residents describe good friends, interactions with staff, and the choice of things to do. As one person says, “No one tells you what to do. And if you want to start something new, you can just do it.”

Advice for Those on the Fence

Residents’ most important piece of advice: If you are considering a Life Plan Community, don’t wait. Make the move sooner rather than later, when you are independent and healthy. Take advantage of all the community has to offer.

Who Lives at Kendal at Granville?

Snowbirds. Travelers. Wise people. Feisty people. The residents of Kendal at Granville are diverse, vibrant, cultured, and great storytellers!

Coming Home to Kendal at Granville is a collection of short stories authored by our residents. Discover why they made the move, what day-to-day life is like, and lots more.

“On move-in day, many of the nearby residents stopped by just to introduce themselves and welcome me.” – Mary Ellen Landschulz

Senior resident standing outside on campus.

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