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2015 White House Conference on Aging

On May 28, Kendal is partnering with its local PBS-TV station to webcast live, intergenerational discussions about each of the four themes of the upcoming White House Conference on Aging: retirement security, healthy aging, long-term services and supports, and elder justice.

In addition to WHYY, the 2015 White House Conference on Aging and Next Avenue also are jointly sponsoring the event with Kendal. Next Avenue, a PBS-affiliated website for 50+ adults, is a media sponsor for “Deepening the Conversation on Aging.”

These “Deepening the Conversation on Aging” discussions will take place in part at Kendal at Granville and will be hosted and networked online from WHYY-TV’s studios in Philadelphia.

Anyone interested in the discussions will be able to see and hear the conversations in real time online and will be invited to share their opinions and submit questions via social media sites set up especially for the occasion. Participation in this event is free-of-charge, but registration is required to reserve a virtual seat. Join the conversation online by registering at

Groups of young and older adults simultaneously will discuss and share their opinions online about the four main themes identified by The White House Conference on Aging, slated for July:

Retirement security—Most older adults plan to work longer before retiring, and many plan to work part-time in retirement. What obstacles do older adults face in the workplace? How can we support encore career options?

Healthy aging— As medical advances progress, opportunities increase for older Americans to maintain their health and vitality. Can intergenerational efforts enhance the lives of all age groups while improving end-of-life and dementia care for older adults?

Long-term services and supports— How can we help older adults remain independent longer in their communities as they age? Will younger adults be willing to work as direct caregivers and primary caregivers? Can care coordination and new technology enhance and expand the caregiving network?

Elder justice — How can we prevent the financial exploitation, abuse, and neglect of older adults by friends, relatives and scam artists? What role can the Elder Justice Act play in helping older adults protect themselves?

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