Acceptance for residency at Kendal at Granville is based on three criteria: your desire to live in a community in accordance with Kendal’s Values and Standards; your health qualifies you to live safely in a residential setting and meet your own personal needs; and your financial means are sufficient to pay the entry and on-going monthly fees and to cover your personal costs of living.

Kendal at Granville considers applications without regard to race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Forms: Your Admissions Packet contains two forms: a Resident’s Financial Statement and a two part Personal Health Care Record. Information given on these forms will be used when considering eligibility for admission. All the information you provide is confidential.

Since you have a choice of agreements, we suggest that you determine, prior to your interview, which option(s) you prefer. We encourage you to review the terms of the Residence and Care Agreement with your advisors and/or family members. Copies of the agreements are available upon request. Please callĀ (888) 607-6660 for more information.

Health Review: The health assessment establishes your current health status and compares it with the criteria for admission. It also provides Kendal at Granville with baseline information that can be useful in addressing future health care needs. You complete and return Part I of the Health Care Record, and your physician must complete Part II (Physician’s Report and Examination) and send it directly to the Kendal at Granville office.

Financial Review: The information in the Resident’s Financial Statement is to assure you and us that your resources can adequately meet the amounts needed under your Residence and Care Agreement and for your personal needs.

Admissions Interview: When we have received your completed forms, we will schedule your admissions interview. In this interview, we will review the terms of the Residence and Care Agreement and your financial and health eligibility and answer any questions you might have. Upon acceptance, you and the community will sign an agreement for a particular residence.

ehologoResidence and Care Agreement: The information summarized here is presented in full detail in the Residence and Care Agreement. Prospective residents should review the Agreement in its entirety.

Kendal affiliates consider and admit residents without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or any other characteristic protected by law.