The Kendal-Denison University Connection

Kendal at Granville shares a special bond with Denison University. In 1996, two Denison alumni couples initiated a gathering with other Granville/Licking County friends to discuss interest in developing a local retirement community that would be enriched through proximity to the University. Ultimately, that gathering led to a contact with The Kendal Corporation. Denison alumni then encouraged a relationship between Kendal and Denison which resulted in the University making 60 acres of property available for lease to the community.

In his remarks at Kendal at Granville’s Opening Celebration on June 6, 2006, Vice President of Student Affairs, Sam Thios, said, “The Kendal – Denison relationship is a two-way street. You have much to offer our campus community.”

All Kendal residents are most welcome to attend classes, lectures, concerts, plays, and athletic events. One Kendal resident says of her experience, “One of the reasons I chose to move from Connecticut to Kendal at Granville is its proximity to Denison University and the fact I could enroll in their classes as a Community Scholar at an affordable price. It was a daunting experience to enter a classroom and become a fellow student with people young enough to be my grandchildren. However, the professors and students are so welcoming and bright it wasn’t long before I felt at home and looked forward to their constructive comments on my art work.”

She adds, “I worked hard last year – at least three to four days a week on campus, in the Denison library, and many hours in my home to complete all my assignments. This semester will be another adventure in the field of art with my class ‘Introduction to Print Making’.”

Denison was not only supportive of the establishment of Kendal at Granville (KAG), which opened in the spring of 2005, but has continued to be actively involved with the community.  Members of Denison administration and Denison alumni sit on the Board of KAG.  Denison assisted KAG’s marketing efforts through publishing articles about the retirement community’s progress in its alumni magazine, inviting KAG representatives to have displays at Alumni meetings and allowing mailing of the KAG newsletter to alumni from appropriate class years.

The Ohio State University-Newark and Central Ohio Technical College campuses are also in nearby Newark.  The Kendal at Granville relationship with these campuses allows Kendal to be a practicum site for students in health related courses of study.  These campuses also serve as an important recruitment resource for KAG.  Tuition reimbursement is currently available for KAG employees