Testimonials provided by residents, friends and family…

Kendal residents, staff, friends and family members frequently inform us of aspects of Kendal life that make them proud to be a part of this great community. Many of the residents participate in a blog to share their experiences; you can visit it here.

Here are also some of their thoughts shared with us:

Submitted by Aggie N., resident of Kendal at Granville

“Kendal is my home and Kendal was just the answer my husband and I needed after he had been in the hospital. I had taken care of him all on my own and so the help was wonderful on all levels. If we needed assistance with housekeeping, maintenance or even from the reception desk, it always seemed to be as easy as ‘call and we’ll be there!’

The staff in the Health Center have also always been exceptional with my husband and he tells me all of the time how well he is treated; that makes me very happy. It has always been very important for my husband and I to dine together and the staff are always so diligent to make sure he is ready to meet me for the day.

I have always been so used to doing everything for myself and my husband, but it was a difficult and welcomed transition that has worked out beautifully. I am able to stay in my apartment and he is in the health center but we’re close, so we can see each other all of the time.”

Submitted by Susan P., resident of Kendal at Granville

“Coming to Kendal is the best thing I have ever done. I particularly want to mention the Health Center and all levels of care. I have been involved in almost every area and know now from experience how excellent they all are. Kendal has been very careful in choosing the staff. I love it here. It is a very comfortable home.”

Submitted by Marie S., resident of Kendal at Granville

“Moving to Kendal at Granville in May 2005 was the right thing to do at the right time. I had sold my New Smyrna Beach, FL villa before the “down-turn” and I wanted to be nearer family as I approached age 80. I moved here with great anticipation and have not been disappointed. I love my 970 sq. ft. cottage; so efficient and all the space I need at this stage of life, and I love the feeling of safety and security.

The environment with the cottages surrounded by flowers, trees and grass is beautiful. The food is extraordinary. I was a Medicare Inspector of nursing homes for 6.5 years before retiring, so I had meals (most which I paid for) in most of the nursing homes in the Central Ohio district. None of those meals ever compared with those here at Kendal.

The other residents are interesting, friendly, and have such varied experiences that conversations are always stimulating. I am still able to drive, so I still do some volunteer work. When the need arises, I’ll have Kendal at Granville transportation to take me to physician appointments, grocery shopping, as well as bank, library and pharmacy errands. Kendal at Granville is the ideal place as one is experiencing the so called ‘Golden Age’.”

Submitted by Jim and Jane G., residents of Kendal at Granville

“We moved to Kendal at Granville on June 15, 2005 knowing that whenever either or both of us need care, either skilled nursing or assisted living, it would be immediately available to us here in our community. What we didn’t know was that it would be outstanding. We learned how good the skilled nursing was when, in November 2006, Jane fell when visiting our daughter and son-in-law and suffered a triple fracture of the pelvis. The care was excellent and the staff concerned and loving. Thanks to Kendal, Jane has fully recovered without any residual effects. Our children are pleased that we have had, and will continue to have, this high quality of care for the rest of our lives.”

Submitted by Cal P., resident of Kendal at Granville

“There’s a whole lot of ‘caring’ going on here within Kendal at Granville. Don’t think about ‘hospital things’ right now when I write that – although our health center is excellent in all respects for us residents. Think instead of a one-room woodworking shop where three of our residents hand-built twenty bluebird houses to be placed among our cottages. The whole community rejoiced when Clara (my wife) and I claimed the first pair of feathered inhabitants. Doyle, one of our ‘walking by’ neighbors with camera ‘caught’ one of the birds perched atop his new abode as proof for us. That’s caring.

Think also of a special one-of-a-kind dessert put together by one of our dining servers as a frequent treat for one resident with a dietary restriction. That’s also caring.

Think of a housekeeping supervisor who cheerfully backs up her friendly and competent staff when scheduling gaps occur (for health or other understandable reasons). The job gets done, and that too is caring.

Finally, you may have read in the local papers that our Fiber Arts group turns out lots of tiny knitted hats for preemies and other newborns. Pound for pound, that’s a whole lot of caring!”