Kendal at Granville Resident Publishes 3rd Mystery Novel

Sept. 19, 2018—Reed Browning, a retired Kenyon College history professor, has just published his third murder mystery. Death at the Reunion again features two senior citizen sleuths, Connie Haydn and Shrug Speaker.

“In the previous novels, Connie and Shrug revealed the true fate of a woman who had been missing for two decades (What Happened to Joan?); they also untangled the peculiar twists that had led to two apparently unrelated deaths 13 years earlier (A Question of Identification),” Browning says.

“In this most recent case they explore whether a death at a class reunion was an accident or a homicide. Their travels take them from Ohio to Texas and Scotland. They uncover a variety of possible motives — lust, hate, hero worship, ideological commitment, revenge, remorse and devotion. The ending packs a surprising twist of justice.”

Browning was born in New York City, earned his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth and a doctorate in history from Yale University. He and his wife, Susan, have one son who lives in Texas. The Brownings have been residents of Kendal at Granville since 2006.

The author has earned praise for his previous books, and readers have been eagerly anticipating the next mystery. In addition to mysteries, Browning authored three books on European history, as well as two books about the early days of baseball: Cy Young: A Baseball Life and Baseball’s Greatest Season, 1924.

“We are delighted to claim Reed as one of our most active residents,” says Doug Helman, Kendal at Granville’s Executive Director. “He is not only an author and a musician, but Reed served faithfully for eight years on our Board of Trustees, and he continues to play a leadership role in the Kendal at Granville Resident Association. I thoroughly enjoyed Reed’s last book, so I really look forward to reading about Connie Haydn and Shrug Speaker’s latest unravelings in Death at the Reunion!”

Death at the Reunion sells for $16.95 a copy. It should be available soon at Readers’ Garden Book Store in Granville and at the Kenyon College Book Store, but right now the easiest way to purchase the book is by ordering directly from the author, who will add postage and (for Ohio residents) sales tax to the bill. You may place an order via email to